MA Design Futures – Circular Tiles (March 2018)

This project was sparked off by the minimalist and maximalistdesign styles and the questions, when is something too much and when is something too little? The something being applied surface pattern design, this collection of marks originally inspired by traditional Korean circular roof tiles, was spotted whilst at theNational Museum of Korea. The original tiles were just so deco- ratively carved that I wanted to try drawing in a more expressive way without too much detail, that I then split into 3 layers of design.

I wanted to experiment with the idea of when is a pattern design too little and when is pattern design too much. I decided to carry out this experiment on Illustrator by layering scanned in caligra-phy brush drawings, as can be seen in figure 21 below. However Irealised that the outcomes of this task are open to interpretation due to everyone having a different levels of taste and expections.Although I’d like to continue to experiment with this idea further.

Screen printing is a process which I have practised for years and take a lot of enjoyment out of, it’s so versatile with lotsof opportunities to layer with colours and prints. It also worked well for this mini collection, exploring both minimalism and maximalism in applied surfaces. With my three layers of designs I decided to create two collections of multiple layered prints to observe the effect that the apply- ing of additional layers does to the original look, although this didn’t really work out in this particular experiement.