MA Design Futures – San Francisco Botanical Batiks (February 2018)

This batik squares project was inspired by trips to San Francisco, USA. Whilst exploring a new city I like to photograph, paint and draw the sights around me. The warmer climate in California allows botanical plants to flurrish across the city. This creates a great contrast of colours and shapes when situated alongside vibrant houses with a great amounts of attention to decorative detail, creating a never ending circle of inspiration. Previously I have used the Batik techniques, however I felt thatit would be beneficial to work on my skills as well as to give myself a real sense of mark making freedom and uninterrupted focus. To create the six final pocket square samples, I used a variety of different sized tjanting tools, to construct elaborate designs inspired by a assortment of my initial and further developed paintings. Creating these six pocket squares full of my favourite drawings, is like constructing my own creative snapshot images that capture my highlights and experiences.


Working with traditional process allows me as a maker to emerge myself into a task and to fully appreciate the calm- ing mindfulness of working with a hands on process, whilst creating work that is of high value and meaning to myself. Although I wonder is there a way for me to successfully pass on what I personally feel and take away from making these batik squares? Or would the consumer need to experience it them- selves to acknowledge? Or is it that consumers who like to buy bespoke items find purpose and meaning to these pieces purely because they’re unique and due to the fluidity of the Batik process no two pieces would ever be quite the same as each other.