MA Design Futures – Batik Scarf Project (April 2018)

Alongside my exploratory research for my Design Futures Masters, I was determined to build upon Textiles skills developed during my undergraduate degree. To kick start my practical development, I decided to emerge myself in a batik project. As part of my research I have asked the question, What is a surface? Along with Why isContinue reading “MA Design Futures – Batik Scarf Project (April 2018)”

MA Design Futures – Circular Tiles (March 2018)

This project was sparked off by the minimalist and maximalistdesign styles and the questions, when is something too much and when is something too little? The something being applied surface pattern design, this collection of marks originally inspired by traditional Korean circular roof tiles, was spotted whilst at theNational Museum of Korea. The original tilesContinue reading “MA Design Futures – Circular Tiles (March 2018)”

Textiles BA (Hons) Degree Show (June 2017)

  Process is at the heart of my final degree show collection, from my initial drawings inspired by my travels around Rajasthan, to the lino blocks that I have hand carved to create each motif. All before silkscreen printing the entirety of my collection, to create a contemporary mix of traditional design styles together withContinue reading “Textiles BA (Hons) Degree Show (June 2017)”

MA Design Futures – San Francisco Botanical Batiks (February 2018)

This batik squares project was inspired by trips to San Francisco, USA. Whilst exploring a new city I like to photograph, paint and draw the sights around me. The warmer climate in California allows botanical plants to flurrish across the city. This creates a great contrast of colours and shapes when situated alongside vibrant housesContinue reading “MA Design Futures – San Francisco Botanical Batiks (February 2018)”